Ernstes Design – Jewelry Made in Germany


From the beginning the passion for stainless steel played the leading part at ERNSTES DESIGN. Formerly yet derided stainless steel evolved to one of the most popular materials in the jewelry sector. Not least the credit belongs to ERNSTES DESIGN. Stainless steel stands for intelligence and ingenuity, combines good technical attributes with modern timeless design and is also skin-friendly for allergic sufferes.

That´s why ERNSTES DESIGN is dedicated to the extraordinary material esthetics.

The companys aim is to produce high-quality but affordable creations, mainly self manufactured. In the manufacture in Nordhorn, Germany, 50 employees bind modern manufacturing technique with traditional craftsmanship.

ERNSTES DESIGN – quality made in Germany!

Flexibility ist our key concept!
Highly service-orientated we always consider customer requirements and process repairs very quick.

Service and disposal are on first position!

It is due to our good products, fair prices and not at least to our customers that ERNSTES DESIGN evolved to a brand. A good product doesn´t convince by marketing but solely and durable by good performance.
ERNSTES DESIGN creations dress so decent that not only women feel attracted but even men adorn themselves with our jewelry. Of course we give a wide choice of steely partnership rings, for example for your marriage.

Stainless steel – a material meant for eternity


  • 1993company foundation by Andreas Ernst in Bielefeld, Germany. First of all he alone began in an attic flat to develop and produce the first jewels.
  • 1994First fair in february, „Ambiente“ in Frankfurt am Main, germany. From now on the delivery departement was leaded by Marianne Stenneken in the Veilchenstraße in Fürstenau, Germany.
  • 1995Jewelry production by 4 employees in hired facilities.
  • 1998Delivery departement moves to Fürstenau, Germany
  • 2000Because of production expansion a movement to Nordhorn, Germany became necessary.
  • 2001By construction of an own manufacture was the basis for new standards set.
  • 2002Movement tot he new facilities in the Max-Born-Straße in Nordhorn, Germany.
  • 200730 qualified employees in Nordhorn and 11 employees in the delivery departement in Fürstenau.
  • 2010 Launch of the “EDvita” collective rings.
  • 2011 Launch of “EDvaria” additional to “EDvita”. ERNSTES DESIGN employes 45 qualified employees in Nordhorn.
  • 2012 Launch of the first ERNSTES DESIGN- watch collection “Die andere Zeit”.
  • 2013 20th company anniversary with campaigns, special offers and a limited jubilee magnet clasp.
  • 2016 Completion and commissioning of the new industrial hall at the company headquarter; delivery departement moves to the new facilities in Nordhorn. ERNSTES DESIGN employes now 50 employees.